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French Onion: Vidalia yellow onions and red onions sliced, simmered, then caramelized, slow-cooked in freshly made beef broth. Served with Swiss Cheese.  Pint $6

Chicken Soup: Rotisserie chicken simmered overnight with fresh herbs and spices, served with celery, carrots and star pasta. Pint $5

Country Mushroom Soup: Fresh cut mushrooms sliced and sauteed in butter, slow cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a chicken broth. Pint $5

Pasta Fagilio: Chicken Broth with ditalini pasta with onions and red, pink and cannellini beans in a chicken broth. Pint $5

Beef Barley Soup: Thick and robust soup with carrots, meat, barley, onions and celery.  Pint $6

New England Clam Chowder: Thick, potato based soup with mixed clams, small chunks of potatoes.  Pint $6

Creamy Onion Soup: Onion and pepper soup with a little bit of spiciness.  Pint $6

Italian Wedding Soup: Chicken broth with escarole, mini meatballs and pasta. Pint $6

Potato Soup: Fresh potatoes in a thick creamy chicken broth base. Served with grated cheese. Pint $5

Garlic Soup: The “Miracle” Soup, made with nearly a whole head of garlic in every bowl, with chicken broth, onions and slow cooked to perfection. Pint: $5


Stuffed Mushrooms (6) Mushroom caps filled with mushroom stems, onions, spices and seasoned bread piled high. $6

Parmesan Squares (2 dozen)  Bite sized squares of bread with imported parmesan cheese, blended herbs, topped with paprika and then baked. One of our most popular items! $10

Pigs In a Blanket (12) Steamed mini dogs wrapped in dough and dipped in poppy seeds, baked and served with honey mustard. $8

Anne’s Famous Buffalo Wings (12): Fresh chicken wings marinated in hot sauce and herbs, air fried for a healthier alternative! $8

Main Courses

Pricing Guide: 

Individual / Half Tray (Serves approx. 4) / Full Tray (Serves Approx. 8

*Gluten Free Alternative Available for $1.50 upcharge

Pasta and meatballs: 3 meatballs with generous portion of spaghetti, served with homemade sauce made with New Jersey tomatoes. Can make spicy upon request.  $11 / $35 / $60

Broccoli & Pasta:  Penne served with fresh broccoli and garlic in olive oil based sauce.  $9 / $30 / $55

Linguini & Clams: Generous portion of chopped clams with linguini, choose either our white (olive oil & garlic) or red (tomato based) sauce.  $13 / $49 / $79

Manicotti: Freshly made manicotti shells stuffed with ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheese, covered in Italian New Jersey gravy (red sauce), baked to perfection. A true Italian classic. Approx. 5 per serving.  $11 / $35 / $60

Spinach Manicotti: Our classic manicotti but with fresh spinach added!  $12 / $40 / $69

Lasagna: Lasagna noodles layered with tomato sauce, ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.  $13 / $49 / $79

Penne Vodka: Fresh penne served with vodka sauce (I promise you’ll taste the vodka!), made with New Jersey tomatoes in our Italian sauce, lots of romano, heavy cream and vodka. $14 / $45 / $80

Sauces available for purchase.

Pint / Quart

Red Sauce, aka The Gravy – $6/ $10

Vodka Sauce – $9 / $14

Red Clam Sauce – $9 / $14

Chicken Entrées

Chicken Parmigiana: Fresh chicken breasts sauteed in imported EVOO, covered in Italian gravy with mozzarella and romano cheese, and then baked. Served with pasta. $13 / $49 / $79

Chicken Francese: Fresh chicken cutlets, dredged in seasoned flour and egg, quickly seared in EVOO, covered with our famous lemon, butter, garlic and olive oil francese sauce, baked to perfection.  $13 / $49 / $79

Chicken Sandola: Chef Anne’s Signature Dish. Chicken cutlets, dipped in seasoned flour and egg, sauteed in EVOO, combined with mushrooms, chicken broth and white wine, served with quartered artichoke hearts.  $13 / $49 / $79

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna: Another one of our signature dishes. This is a blend of ground chicken, lasagna noodles, Italian imported grating cheese, hot sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Leftovers are even better!  $13 / $49 / $79

Beef Entrées

Swedish Meatballs & Egg Noodles: Our 150-year-old recipe has been handed down through Chef Anne’s family, these are original Swedish meatballs in a rich brown gravy slowly cooked for hours. Just before serving we fold in fresh sour cream for an unbelievably rich flavor. Served over egg noodles. Approx. 10 meatballs per serving.  $13 / $49 / $79

Nan’s Meatloaf: A combination of fresh ground beef, onions, spices, baked in the oven and served with homemade garlic mashed potatoes.  $9 (available only as a single portion) 

Stuffed Cabbage: Fresh stuffed cabbage with a combination of Swedish and Slavic recipes we’ve formed to make a unique experience for your tastebuds. Served in a rich beef broth.  $13 / $49 / $79


Personal Pies

All of our pies are individually wrapped in a beautiful presentation. 

Great for a hostess gift!  8” Pies, All pie crusts are made fresh and are light and flaky.

Apple Pie: Fresh apples, sugar, cinnamon, then baked.  $10

Apple Crumb Pie: Fresh apples, sugar, cinnamon, then topped with crumb topping piled high with our almond confectionary glaze. $12

Lemon Meringue: Lemon pudding made with fresh eggs, whipped high with our delicious meringue topping. $12

Lemon Chiffon: Lemon pudding made with fresh eggs, with our meringue folded into the lemon pudding, whipped heavy sweet cream generously piled on top! $14

Pumpkin Pie: Traditional pumpkin pie with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. Creamy, delicious, and perfect for the holidays! $10


Aunt Betty’s Chocolate Cake, 8” round: A family recipe from Chef Anne. Four layers of chocolate cake. Thick. Fudgy. Rich. Delicious. This one’s for the chocoholics out there. You don’t want to miss this one. $20

7-Up Cake, 8” bundt: This cake travels well, freezes well, and can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner desserts. Just add coffee!  $16

Jelly Roll, serves approx. 8

This can be white or chocolate cake. Rolled with fresh heavy cream. Choose two of the following for filling: strawberries, bananas, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.  $15

Carrot Cake: Made with flour, eggs, freshly grated carrots, lots of walnuts, served with cream cheese butter icing.  Small (8 servings): $20 \ Large (12 servings): $30

Walnut Cake: 2 cups of ground walnuts are folded into a batter, which makes this cake extremely heavy. Fresh walnuts on top of a rich, creamy icing. One of our most popular cakes! Serves 10-12 $30

Other Sweets & Treats

Milano Cookies (1 lb)  Butter cookies half dipped in chocolate then rolled in sprinkles $11/lb

Jelly Cookies (1 lb) Thumb butter cookies with raspberry or apricot preserves in the center. $11/lb

Pignoli Cookies (1 lb) Almond paste cookie surrounded by pignoli nuts. $20/lb

Cherry Danish (12) Yeast-based Danish, allowed to rise overnight, stuffed with a cherry filling, with our almond confectionary glaze drizzled on top.  $10

Pecan Buns (12) Loaded with pecans, with a caramel topping, best served warm! $18

Sticky Buns (12) Another favorite, served with a caramel topping, best served warm! $15

Cinnamon Buns (12) Yeast-based buns, with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Rolled and sliced, glazed and topped with baker’s sugar.  $12

Raisin Bread Load: Moist and tasty loaf with a light frosting on top. Have a slice in the morning toasted! $12

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